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Why not take a look at the items in our photo gallery section which has a varied selection of the many antient artefacts for sale on the Apollo Antiquities website.

Also we have added many new and interesting items to our Miscellaneous section. 

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Welcome to Apollo Antiquities

We specialise in ancient artefacts from Stone Age through to Medieval. Most are of European origin, but we also have a selection of items from other world cultures, which can be found in our miscellaneous section.


When you select a particular culture from the menu you will be taken to a brief history of the period.

If you wish to skip this, then simply scroll down to the items for sale from this culture. Here you will find a photograph of each item, along with a detailed description. Where appropriate, measurements of the item are also given.


All items are fully researched and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. If not fully satisfied with your purchase, a full money back guarantee is offered, as long as the items are returned in the same condition within two weeks of purchase. The craftsmanship of our ancestors is astounding, and we should consider ourselves lifetime custodians of such classical artefacts, to be passed down to future generations to enjoy and treasure, keeping the historical memory alive. On many occasions such items from antiquity have become treasured family heirlooms, and a good investment for the future.


We hope that you enjoy browsing our Apollo website and look forward to hearing from you.

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