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The Medieval period in Britain stretched between the early Norman age to Tudor times. It saw a change from warrior kings to noble knights, chivalry and honour. It saw the strengthening of Christianity and the church which became all powerful and rich.


This was a literate time with wonderful manuscripts being produced by the monasteries. In AD 1086, 20 years after the Norman invasion, King William and his Barons drew up and signed the Doomsday Book at Old Sarum near Salisbury. This recorded and documented for the first time who owned what and where in Britain. In AD 1215 saw the signing of the Magna Carta at Runnymede near Windsor by King John and his Barons. This laid down the laws of the land.


Christian crusades were undertaken to the Holy Land. Great stone castles, priories, abbeys and cathedrals were constructed. The plague or "black death" reduced the population by a third between 1348-49. The Hundred Years War raged between England and France between the mid 14th and 15th centuries, followed by the War of the Roses from 1455-85. During the 11th century the artistic style was a combination taken from the Anglo-Saxon Viking and Norman periods. By the 12th century Romanesque art influenced by the church prevailed.


The 13th century saw Gothic art emerge which was more realistic, detailed and ornate. This style continued until the end of the medieval period late in the 15th century. AD 1485 saw the end of the medieval period and the start of Renaissance and Tudor England. Artefacts from the Medieval period are highly collectable and are varied from heraldic, horse pendants, ecclesiastical or religious items, weapons, pottery, buckles, seals, jewellery including rings, brooches, figurines, and many other various everyday items. A classic period with a wide range for the connoisseur and collector.

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